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Acts 17:11 says "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the messages with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true."

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A Study of Psalm 22                                                              html                 Word document (booklet)      Rich Text Document (booklet)

A Devotional on Psalm 51                                                          Word document (booklet)

A Bible Study of Nine selected Psalms                                                          Word document (booklet)

Life of David:              Saul Rejected as King,           David Anointed as King,                    David and Goliath

Friendship with Jonathan,       David runs for his Life,                      David's Opportunities for Revenge

David's Bad Examples,           God's Forgiveness - Psalm 51 Study, David and his Sons' Troubles

A Study of Isaiah Part 1 -- Chapters 1-39                 Word document

A Study of Isaiah Part 2 -- Chapters 40-66                 Word document

A Study of the Four Servant Songs of Isaiah                        html                 Word document (booklet)

Notes and questions on the book of Amos                                                     Word document

God Speaks/We Speak – a Study of the Lord’s Prayer         html                 Word document

A Study of Revelation 20                                                       html                 Word document (booklet)

The ‘Left Behind’ novels                                                                                Word document (booklet)

The Trinity -- Is it in the Bible?                                                                                Word document (booklet)

The Antichrist                                                                         Word document Bible study              Word document (booklet)

The Priesthood of Aaron and of Melchizedek                                               Word document

Israel's Offerings                                                                                             Word document

The Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple                                                   Word document

A study on the Passover and the Last Supper                                                   Word document

A Short study of Jonah                                                                                   Word document

Infant Baptism – Do you Understand it?                               html

Bible Study on Infant Baptism                                                                       Word document (booklet)

Scriptures to Help a Jehovah's Witness                                                                       Word document (booklet)

Bible Study on the 'Ten Lies About God'                                                                       Word document Bible study

Discussion Questions for 1 John, 2 John, 3 John    Word document Bible study

The Five Solas of the Reformation                                         html                 Word document

Discussion sheets for 'Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis' video series pdf document

Creation/Evolution Talk:  ‘Thousands not Billions’                                       PowerPoint Presentation

Evangelism Brochures:

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   Gardening   Harvest Time   Is There Hope for Me?   Jesus Our Hero   Judgment Day   Thanksgiving   More Snow!

  GraduationDay   Who Can Save Us?   Christmas 3   Valentine's Day   Jesus Carries our Sin

  What about the Dinosaurs?   A Christmas Lesson on Sharing   Who are you Listening to?   Have you been pierced?   Sadly Missed

  New Year 2015   Why Easter?   Memorial Day 2015   America Is Changing   Fascinated with Death?

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