Lessons from the Life of David -- #10

On Raising Sons


Read 2 Samuel 12:10-12††††††††† Nathan the prophet predicted serious consequences resulting from Davidís sin with Bathsheba.Why should we view these as consequences of, rather than punishments for Davidís sin?



Read1 Chron 3:1-9How many sons of David are listed?

In order of birth, which sons are Amnon and Absalom?

What might prevent them from becoming close friends, even though they are brothers?


In what way is Davidís wife Maacah different from the other wives mentioned?


The problems in Davidís family begin.Read 2 Sam 13:1-21

What might Amnon have used as an excuse for his immoral behavior?


v 21:†††† David was furious, but what do we not read about Davidís response to his sonís action?


Why might David have hesitated to discipline his son Amnon?



vv 22,23†† Two years pass and Absalom does not talk to Amnon, but keeps his anger inside.How might David have prevented the murder which was soon to come?



vv 28,29†† Absalom has Amnon killed.Absalom flees.Compare v 37 with 2 Sam 3:3.†† To whom did Absalom flee?


vv 38,39What should David have done after this that he did not do for three years?



Read 14:1-14†† Joab notices that David longs to see Absalom.He hires a woman to tell David a story about her two sons, somewhat similar to Davidís situation.A key principle in the way God deals with his wayward children is stated in v 14.What comfort this verse can give each of us if we have a child who leaves the church!


Through this woman, David is brought to understand that he needed to bring Absalom back to Jerusalem, v 21.But what else does David order?vv 23,24


Did this produce repentance or rebellion in Absalom?vv 28 - 32


Contrast David with the father in the parable of the lost son.Luke 15:11 ff



v 33David and Absalom make peace, at least outwardly.


Read 15:1-12What actions of Absalom show that he does not respect his father?


How long does this go on?


Would you say that this is common still today, that a father who does not discipline his children or offer forgiveness for their sinful actions, can be the cause of their rebellion against him?


vv 13-16David has to flee Jerusalem.Who does he leave behind to take care of the palace?


16:21-22What does Absalom do?This fulfills Nathanís prophecy.


The day finally comes when David has to fight Absalom for the throne.

18:1-18†† What orders had David given regarding Absalom?


Were these orders followed?


During the trying times that David was fleeing from his son Absalom, David expressed the feelings of his heart by writing Psalm 3.Where does David put his trust during this time of trial?


Do you think God still puts people in difficult and trying situations today in order to get them to turn back to him?



Read 1 Kings chapter 1.When David became too frail to govern effectively, his son Adonijah attempts a coup.What actions of David could have contributed to Adonijahís coup attempt?v 6



How does this attempt end?vv42-53


What does Adonijah later do, which shows he does not submit to Davidís decree?

How does Solomon deal with him?


David does, however, give some good advice.Read his words to Solomon as Solomon becomes king, recorded in 1 Kings 2:1-4What attitude does David equate with the phrase ďbe a manĒ?



Read Hebrews 12:7-11†† What good is discipline?




Read Eph 6:4In what ways did David exasperate his children?




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