Lessons from the Life of David -- #2

David is Chosen to be King


We begin at 1 Sam 16:1-3.  Why do you think Samuel was afraid to travel to Bethlehem?


Vv 4-7  Whom did Samuel think would be the next king?                                   Why?



Verse 7 is probably one of those verses that deserves underlining in your Bible.  What lessons can we learn about selecting leaders in our churches today from this verse?



How are these words also another way of stating that eternal principle that we considered in the last lesson, found in 1 Sam 15:22?



vv 8-12  The man after God’s own heart was a shepherd.  Later Israelites sang about David using Ps 78:70-72.   Shepherding sheep gave David what useful experience?



Read 1 Sam 17:34-35, what experience did David have as a shepherd protecting his sheep?


How did David later use this experience?



Name some ways sheep and people are the same, using examples from the Bible, or from society today.



Being a shepherd, David undoubtedly spent a lot of time alone with his thoughts, contemplating God.  He shared his perspective of the type of God we have in Psalm 23.  Name some characteristics of God that we learn from this psalm:





What is God’s greatest concern about us, as taught through the parable in Luke 15:3-7?



v 13  The anointing of David was a private affair, unknown to most people.  What was anointing and what did it signify?





Like David, God has also come to each of us, and anointed us (2 Cor 1:21,22) and has chosen us for some type of service to him.  When did God do this?



Because he has chosen us for his purpose, what does God want from each of us?  See John 15:16



Fruit has the tendency to ripen and be useable for only a short time.  The fruit God wants us to bear is different.  What kinds of things can we do for him that would be considered as “fruit that will last”?



Think back to your high school years.  Did your class vote someone as “most likely to succeed”?    On what basis did he or she get elected?



Is it likely that David would have gotten elected had he been in your class?


How does God define success?



vv 14-23  David did not immediately become king.  What type of service was David first given?


Later in life, how did David put his musical abilities to use?



Perhaps as many as half of the psalms are a result of David bearing fruit – fruit that will last.  We will look at a few psalms as part of this study of David, but you may wish to read through the psalms again on your own, especially those attributed to David, and take note of some of the themes that God inspired David to teach again and again to his people through the psalms.