Lessons from the Life of David -- #1

Israelís first King is Rejected


David was the second king over Israel.Who was the first?


Saul became king about 400 years after Israel entered the Promised Land under Joshua. Who had governed Israel for the first 400 years?


Why was this system discontinued?1 Sam 8, esp v 19 and v 7



Although Saul was chosen by God to be king, he was eventually rejected by God.Two events of disobedience are recorded and given as reasons.1 Sam 13:5-14 details the first act of disobedience by Saul.How had Saul disobeyed God?



Saul thought Samuel (Godís Representative) was taking too long to do what Saul thought needed to be done.Have you ever thought God was taking too long to act?Have you ever taken matters into your own hands, instead of waiting for the Lord to act?What is the advice David gives us when we want God to do something?Ps 27:14



Nevertheless, God later allowed Saul to have great victories over the heathen nations surrounding Israel.See 1 Sam 14:47-48.What new opportunity to show devotion to God was Saul given?1 Sam 15:3



What was Saulís second act of disobedience, which caused God to announce that he would reject Saul? See 1 Sam 15:7-11



How did Saul try to excuse the fact that he did not kill all the cattle as the Lord had commanded?1 Sam 15:13-15



What was so bad about sacrificing the best plunder to the Lord?(15:21,22)


Why was this really not a sacrifice on Saulís part? (Compare to 2 Sam 24:24)



What else had Saul done?1 Sam 15:12


Read Saulís words at 15:15 and 15:21.What is strange about how Saul refers to God?




What kind of new king did God have in mind?1 Sam 13:14; Acts 13:22



Samuelís words in 15:22 are worth underlining in your Bible.They form an eternal principle that God wants his people to remember for all time.The same principle is taught by David in Ps 51:16,17, by Isaiah in Is 1:10-17, by Jeremiah in Jer 7:21-23, by Amos in Am 5:21-24, and by Micah in Mic 6:6-8.


When Jesus walked on the earth, he too had to teach again this principle.Read Mark 12:32-34.How do the words of Jesus in Matt 5:23 also teach this principle?


Explain how Paulís words to the Romans in Rom 2:28-29 teach this same idea.



How do we apply these words to our worship and service to God today?



In what ways can you think of that we all tend to sometimes think like Saul?



In 1 Sam 16 we are introduced to David, the man after Godís own heart.This will be our next lesson.Be sure to read the rest of chapter 15 before next time, as it helps give the context for chapter 16.