Lessons from the Life of David -- #5

On Having a Godly Friend


We have seen how Saul did not always fear God the way he should have.  He was impatient with God, disobedient, and vain.  But what about his son Jonathan – did he have his father’s attitude?  In this lesson we will look at the passages which tell about Jonathan, and his friendship with David.  Read 1 Sam 14:1-6.  Which words of Jonathan show his trust in God?



Read 1 Sam 18:1-4.  When did Jonathan and David first become friends?  Perhaps it was David’s strong statements of faith before his battle with Goliath (1 Sam 17:47) which helped bond this friendship.



In which ways does Jonathan demonstrate his strong friendship with David?



Which new sin does Saul succumb to?  1 Sam 18:6-9


Read 1 Sam 19:1-7   What things does a close friend do when the opportunity comes up?



Read 1 Sam 20:1-2    Why couldn’t Jonathan believe his father was trying to kill David?



v 3,4   What does David offer as the reason Saul has kept this from his son?



vv 5-17  David and Jonathan figure out a way to determine Saul’s true intentions.  Jonathan is content in letting David become king some day instead of him.  But what promise does he get from David, as far as what will happen when David becomes king?



v 17  On what basis does David reaffirm his oath to Jonathan?


vv 18-29  David and Jonathan devise a way to communicate the true intentions of Saul to David, without anyone else knowing they are communicating.


30-33   What reason does Saul give for wanting David to die?


What does Saul do that convinces Jonathan that Saul wants David dead?


v 34  Saul had just tried to kill his own son, yet what grieves Jonathan?


v 42  As David and Jonathan part, what seems to be the most important part of their friendship? 


1 Sam 23:15-18 records the last time David and Jonathan see each other.  Saul at this time is pursuing David, trying to kill him. What was one of the reasons Jonathan risked his life to see David at this time?    (v 16).


Even though Jonathan has been right there with Saul during his pursuit of David, how do we know Jonathan still accepts a secondary role to David?



In 1 Sam 31, Saul and Jonathan die together in battle.  David composes a song of lament concerning Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam 1:17-27).  In it, David says that Jonathan’s love for him was more wonderful than that of women.  What does David mean by this?



Is this any different from Jesus’ words “Love your neighbor as yourself”?


Is it more difficult for men to have close friendships with other men?  Or are the friendships men have with men as close as the friendships women have with other women, but just as not expressed as openly?



Read 2 Sam 4:4  Jonathan had a crippled son, Mephibosheth. 


Read 2 Sam 9  In what ways does David continue to show kindness to Jonathan?


Is friendship about giving help to someone in need, or about receiving help from someone when in need?


What do the following proverbs teach us about friendship?


Prov 17:9                                                                     Prov 18:24


Prov 27:6                                                                     Prov 27:10


Jonathan was willing to risk his life to be David’s friend.  What risks was Jesus willing to take to be someone’s friend?  John 14:13


What other risk was Jesus willing to take which is implied by the words in Matt 11:19?


Read John 15:9-17.  Jesus tells us to obey his commands.  Is this obedience similar to, or is it different from the way a slave obeys his master?


What is the basis for our obedience to Jesus?


Does our motivation to obey Jesus come from God’s Law or from the Gospel?


Paul gives us advice on how we Christians should treat each other.  Comment on various passages in Romans 12:9-21 which strike you as especially good advice.