Lessons from the Life of David -- #8

Davidís Bad Examples


When we look to David for examples of how to live, we see many fine examples of his putting his total faith and trust in the Lord his God.But David was made of flesh and blood, just as we are, and struggled with the same kinds of fears and temptations we do.In this lesson we will consider a few of the bad examples David gives.


1 Sam 26:23-25When speaking to Saul, David clearly confesses his trust in God to keep him safe.But what do we see in 1 Sam 27:1?


In our lives we may not face physical danger like David did, but we certainly are surrounded with spiritual dangers.What promise can we hang on to in times of temptation?1 Cor 10:12-13


1 Sam 27:8-11In what way was Davidís 16 months among the Philistines a time of lying and deceit?


After the death of Saul, loyalties did not immediately change.The people of Israel did not suddenly become loyal to David.David did some things which he thought would help build peopleís loyalty to him.


Read 2 Sam 3:1-5What was one way David strengthened his power base?



What had God commanded in this regard?Deut 17:17


Taking six wives was not enough, however.David takes another manís wife Ė the first time.

Who was Michal?1 Sam 18:27


When Saul hated David, what had he done?1 Sam 25:44


What does David do now?2 Sam 3:13-16


Why do you think David did this?



Despite this weakness, what does God do for David?2 Sam 8:14



But an even greater sin is yet to come.





Read 2 Sam 11:1-27†† Name all the bad examples David gives us in this chapter.


In verse 1


In vv 2-5


In vv 6-11


In vv 12-13


In vv 14-17


In vv 18-25


In vv 26-27


In what period of Davidís life was his faith the strongest?


When David falls into temptation, what are the circumstances in his life?


What could be one reason God sends us hardships?


As we read 1 Sam 11, we wonder how a man of God can do all this.Doesnít his conscience trouble him and cause him to think about what he is doing?David wrote some psalms in which he speaks of having a troubled conscience.Read Psalms 32 and 38, and jot down any verses which hint that perhaps these psalms were written during this contradictory time of Davidís life.





What could be the reason God allows his people to fall into sin?


When Jesus was tempted to sin, what was his main method of defense?Matt 4:1-11


What comfort can we find as we read about the bad examples that David gives us?


When we fall into sin, we may feel like Adam and Eve did, and want to hide from God.But read the insight David gives us in Psalm 103, especially verses 8-14.What should we always remember about how God thinks of us, even when we have fallen into sin?